Katie & Bill’s Engagement Photos have been reposted…

12 09 2006

Photos from their engagement photo session had expired a while ago and althought I had reported them, they expired on the wedding day!

But, due to a new request, they have been reposted. They will only be online until next weekend, so please get your final orders in now!

Please note that all the older links to the photos will no longer work.

Congrats to Katie & Bill !! I’ll be starting to go through the wedding photos later this week…



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17 09 2006

Hey Mark –

Just checking on the wedding photos. We would love to get some pictures of the kids seeing we were so busy keeping them clean that we didn’t get many good pictures ourselves. thanks


17 09 2006

Hi Mark-

It was a pleasure to meet you at Bill and Katie’s wedding. We are all looking forward to seeing your pictures of their big day!


19 09 2006

Hello folks! A fast update!! I’ve been working through the photos – I have over a thousand from the wedding PLUS the ones from the rehearsal/dinner the nite before! I have been working on the wedding book pages and am hoping to complete the preliminary design by the end of this week.

Please be sure to keep checking back so that you can all see the preliminary pages and offer your comments to Katie and Bill!

I normally leave the book up for a week or two, while I sift through the proofs themselves to get those posted.

Once the proofs are posted, they’ll remain up for a limited time so that Katie and Bill can see if any album changes are needed and so that everyone else can order their favorite photos!


ps – the first 20+ pages I’ve done are looking incredible (if I do say so myself!!)

20 09 2006

Yay! Can’t wait to see them! 🙂
Thanks for the update!

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