Katie and Bill’s Wedding…

27 09 2006

the lovely bride, Katie!

Wow!!! That took a lot longer than I expected! I had almost 1,500 images to sort through! Please allow me a few minutes to explain!

Continue on to hear more and for the link to their preliminary wedding book design!

Earlier this summer I met Katie and Bill in Saratoga for their engagement photo session. A fun time as we walked around Congress Park, even stopping for a ride on the merry go round! A few more pictures in the park and then a walk around the downtown area for more pictures.

The night before the wedding, I joined the wedding party and the families for the rehearsal. After a brief and efficient practice run at the church with Father Anselment it was off to the restaurant for dinner. A fantastic meal and a great time for all.

Then of course, the wedding day itself. I met Katie, Natasha and Maddie at Katie’s house where Nancy joined us to help the ladies get ready. Once the women proclaimed themselves as beautiful as we already knew they were, it was off to Lake George to the chuch in the limo.

Getting there a few minutes ahead of the ladies, I was able to do portraits with Bill, his family and the gang. Katie’s brothers and their families arrived and we had the full group together, greeting the guests and getting things ready. Bill went off inside the church to await the arrival of his bride-to-be.

Once Katie’s limo arrived, things settled down and the ceremony got underway. All was smooth – well until Katie had a little trouble getting the ring onto Bill’s hand! But all was well – the ring finally moved into place and Father Anselment was able to issue the blessings to the new couple.

Off to the reception at the Georgian! An incredible place with great facilities – they were ready for the wedding party’s arrival. While the guests continued to get things started, we wandered down to one of the lakeside balconies for some more beautiful photos. With the guests gathered, the bridal party made their grand entrance.

We then enjoyed the special dances. After the couple had their first dance, Katie danced with each of her brothers in turn, starting with Matt (who had given her away at the wedding ceremony). After that, everyone joined in and kept the dance floor busy for the entire night!a special, non-traditional wedding cake

The cake cutting started out in the traditional fashion with the bride and groom cutting the cake together then almost delicately feeding each other their first slice. Bill then unveiled a second special cake for his best man and brother, Charlie.

Much later, there was some excitement as the “gentlemen” made a valiant but readily defeated attempt to toss the groom into the nearby swimming pool.

Once things quieted down again, dancing resumed, guests continued to mingle and mug for my cameras.

And finally, after celebrating a last special toast to each other, Katie and Bill and I went out front to check out the Georgian’s lighted sign, celebrating their wedding.

So, you can see, after such a busy day and with the additional photos I took during their engagement session and the rehearsal, I had a formidable task! But, I have completed the preliminary wedding book design and have now posted that for everyone to enjoy! There are 90 pages of beautiful photo layouts that tell the complete story of Katie and Bill.

PLEASE leave a few comments for the bride and groom as you enjoy their album! Just click on the front pages of their book to see all the pages.

Katie and Bills Wedding Story

I will be posting all of the proofs in a couple weeks.

Enjoy – and congratulations to Katie and Bill!



3 responses

28 09 2006
Bill Herzog

Hey Mark,

Great job on the book! Katie and I were really happy to see the pictures up on the site. We’re looking forward to sitting down and finalizing the finished product.

28 09 2006
Katie Herzog

I love it! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

28 09 2006
Mark Anderson

Its an incredible book – I love it! I’ll be processing through the proofs over the next two weeks. I’ve already combed through all the proofs and chosen what I feel are the best ones. So after proofs are posted take a look and see if there are any that you want me to incorporate.

Unless you have specific changes, what is already posted will become your finished book!

Many thanks 🙂

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