Morenike and Kenny’s Wedding Proofs

17 11 2007

I have finally had a chance to finish sorting through all the remaining images and collecting them to be posted! You can now see all of the proofs here. They will only be online until the end of the year, so please get your orders in as soon as possible!! The preliminary album design can be seen here (only their final version is on-line, the drafts are no longer posted).

Although I did some simple adjustments and corrections to the proofs, all orders will have the final image adjusted for color, exposure, cropping, etc. With almost 900 images from the wedding day though, there simply isn’t enough time to do that to all of them!



2 responses

8 12 2007
Kenneth Carpenter

15.00 bucks for one 4×6 picture… Talk about a rip off!!! Great thing my wife delt with you…

Kenneth Carpenter

26 12 2007

I’m very sorry that you feel that way!

I thought I’d offer some feedback Ken, in case you happen to stop back here…

Actually, the price per print was much lower for those who place their orders early as I had a large “early bird” discount in place.

There is sometimes confusion surrounding 4×6 sized prints. Many people equate these with “snapshots” and drug store print pricing. Like other professional photographers, I don’t do “snapshots” – least of all for weddings!

All of my fine art photography, for weddings, portraits and other subjects, involves “master printing”. These are not drugstore quality prints. Images are individually reviewed, lighting and color adjustments are made and in some cases test prints are made to ensure that the final work will be of the highest quality. The exact same amount of preparation goes into an individual 4×6 sized fine art print as a 16×20 print. The completed work is then professionally printed.

The resulting art is then something to be appreciated for many years to come – not something that most folks toss in a drawer – like a snapshot.


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