Web site changes!

30 05 2008

Hello folks. I’ve made some major changes to the web site! After seven years with my original name, I have changed my business to more closely reflect my personal style. I found that most of my clients associated my photography style with me personally and so were making referrals with my personal name rather then the business name. And so, I’ve simply renamed the business to my own name. We are now called

MJ Anderson Photography

I have changed my domain name and added a shorter www.MJAndersonPhoto.com as well.

To make it easier to find me, please bookmark my new home page,


And to help re-establish my position in the search engines, can I ask everyone for a small favor. Would you please visit my site as often as you can over the next month or two.

Google for “MJ Anderson Photography”

And if you have a blog, please mention my old business name and tell folks that I’ve changed the name and give them my new web address. That will help people find me again!

Thank you to all my friends!




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