Terry & Roger’s photos are now online!

25 10 2015

I have finished processing the rest of the photos and have posted them to my on-line store. In the store you can view the photos and place orders for your favorites. After you log into the store you can gather your favorites into an album so that you can go back and see them. You can also send photo cards to others so that they can see your favorites. All ordering is done directly on the site! You may select from several print sizes as well as wall art sizes. There are also a number of novelty and gift items available. With the click of a button you can turn an image into a black & white photo or color them in sepia for that old time look. There is even a ‘retro’ look available on the site. I can enlarge images to better ‘zoom in’ if you leave specific instructions when you order. I’ll review all images before printing them and will adjust color and lighting.

The photos will only be available on-line until before Thanksgiving, so be sure to place your orders early to avoid the holiday rush! Click this link to get to the store: Online Store

If you know anyone in the greater Capital District who is getting married please pass along our name & phone number – 518-225-6306. We’d love to help with their wedding too!



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