Locally Owned Businesses

14 06 2007

I have had the pleasure of taking portraits of some of the owners of locally owned businesses. In fact, I still have several more to take! These are going into the upcoming edition of Capital Region Living magazine which is doing a feature article on locally owned businesses. This evening the magazine hosted a reception to thank its advertisers for their support. For me, this was a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with some of the other businesses associated with the magazine!

In talking with some of the owners, I have found that many do not yet have any on-line presence! While they have thought about creating a web site some folks just haven’t gotten started. In addition to my photography, I also do web site work. Some of the folks I have had the pleasure of photographing will take advantage of my work for their existing web site or will have me develop a web presence for them and incorporate my photos.

MJ Anderson Photography can help you get started on-line! Give us a call and lets talk about the possibilities of helping your business grow and better connect with your customers – both current and future ones!