Happy Holidays – 2013

15 11 2013

As 2013 winds down, we want to wish all our family and friends…

A Safe and happy holidays to all!

We are already accepting bookings for all of 2014 – for family portrait sessions, weddings, mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties and other events, for photomagnets for school dances, mitzvahs,  or birthday parties, for player or team photos at sporting events – and more! Give us a call at 518-225-6306 to book your event for 2014!

CYHA Cross Ice Mites – Photos Are Available for Pickup!

28 02 2007

I still have a handful of photos to be picked up! If yours is among them, please give me a call at 225-6306 to schedule a pick up date/time!

The kids all look great!!!

And for those with children participating in other sports, please let your team & league know that I am available for them as well. I also book individual games to focus on your particular player or your entire team!

Gilboa v Roxbury – Pics are up!

7 05 2006

I had a chance to finish editting the all the photos. I have sorted them by team – so that the photos featuring Gilboa players are in one section and the photos that feature the men from Roxbury are in another. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the pictures of your player! (sorry! there apparently was a change on the server that broke these two team links. its fixed now!!)

There are two special items available for these photos. The first is an 11×14 sized photo collage. These contain up to five photos. Simply select the collage for the first photo, then select up to 4 additionals. Each collage is custom designed based on your selection of images.

There is also a 13×19 mini-poster available. These larger prints offer an excellent way to display a larger number of images. Simply select the 13×19 mini poster for the first image, then select as many additional images as you like. Each min-poster is custom designed based on your selection of images. Please note that the more images you add – the smaller I will have to size them to make them all fit! For that reason, I typically don't recommend more than a dozen photos for the 13×19 mini poster.

For that one "perfect" shot, you may want to consider the single image full size poster. These magnificent prints are a full 20×30 inches and make a fantastic decoration for bedrooms, family rooms and offices!

Enjoy the photos! Be sure to leave a comment here on the blog. Tell your friends!

There is a discount built in for those who order right away!

Gilboa vs Roxbury – Baseball that is!

6 05 2006

The Roxbury baseball team came to Gilboa yesterday for another high school baseball game. What a day for baseball – clear blue skies, nice warm weather but not too hot… I know from hearing the outfielders talk during warm-ups though that the bright sun in their eyes was a nuisance! sunglasses were being passed around or shared.

I have literally hundreds of photos from the game. My plan is to get them posted by the end of the weekend – so please be sure to come back! I'll update this note with the link to the photos when they have been sorted out and are ready for you all to see!

Thanks players for a great game!