Updated link for Terry and Roger’s Wedding Photos

12 07 2016

The link to the photos has changed! The correct link is here.

Terry & Roger’s Wedding Photos – Reposted!

10 12 2015

I have been asked to repost the photos from Terry and Roger’s wedding.

The new link is: Terry and Roger’s photos in our online store

Thank you everyone!

Memorial Day 2014 – A Thank you to our Vets – Past and Present

26 05 2014

We would like to thank all our service people for their contributions!

We would also like to send out a special thank you to their families!

Happy New Year Everyone!

1 01 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Fall Classes are starting! (via me, myself & I (SM))

12 09 2010

One of my friends has a wonderful sewing business and is again offering classes for the fall. If you or a friend enjoy sewing I recommend that you check out her website for more information!

Fall Classes are starting! Our full set of fall classes is getting started! We are pleased to again offer a variety of programs for all ages! Children's Classes Hand & Machine Sewing for Children Adult Classes Teen Classes Kids Can Sew Winky Cherry Why? Learn new skills! Have fun! Gather together with friends! Create something beautiful! Sew! If you are looking for a different program or would like to take advantage of our individual classes, please give us a call at 5 … Read More

via me, myself & I (SM)

Some teasers from Marlene and Ryan’s Wedding

6 10 2008

I have a ton of photos! I’m still in the process of sorting through them, looking for the best of the best to go into their wedding book!

Here’s a “teaser” for everyone. I call it, “Generations!”



Stay tuned for more as I work through the photographs!