Grace & John’s Wedding Proofs… are ready!

25 10 2006

Wow, I finally finished! There are hundreds of fantastic photos from the event – starting with the wedding itself on through the formals afterwards – both at the church, at John’s parent’s house and at Congress Park in Saratoga. Then the party moved on – to the magnificent Canfield Casino!

Please remember that these are the proofs. When you place an order for a specific photo, that image is then color and lighting corrected as necessary. Also, I retouch / fix any “red eye” from the flash. If there is any other specific retouching that you require, please let me know before ordering so that I can be sure to understand what you are looking for.

In addition to the regular prints and enlargements I also create custom made collages, such as I use in my Wedding Books. These can also be commissioned as a single fine art print. Please contact me directly so that we can discuss what you are looking for.

Enjoy the photos! Please get your orders in as soon as possible so that I can get them back to you before the various holidays (when I get even busier!).

Please let me know if you or any of your family or friends are getting married and need a photographer. I am booking into late next year and beyond already – so its definitely time to set up a free wedding consultation meeting!

Grace & John’s Wedding Proofs…

25 10 2006

I’m working thru the last of them now and expect to post them in a little while.

In the mean time, I thought I’d put one two up here – as a little teaser…..

bride + flowers

John and Grace at the Casino


Check back in a little while!


Grace and John – GOT married today!

13 10 2006

A fantastic day! A bit chilly – but contrary to some predictions, no rain was to be had!

The ceremony was very nice. The church apparently dates back to the early 19th century and was beautiful in its simplicity. After the ceremony, we were able to get some great formals made both inside the church and at John’s parent’s house.

Then it was off to Saratoga to the Canfield Casino! Magnificent! A great time was had by all! The food was wonderful and the live band was excellent! As I was working (well, it IS work even though I love it!) I did not get to sample some of the interesting beverages that were on hand… hmmm!

There were many fellow members of RSE on hand to celebrate – both current student members as well as fellow alumni!

I’ll be sorting through the images this week. Here’s one to set the stage. Grace was absolutely beautiful – though I think perhaps a little nervous at first!

Goodness Grace!

Please be sure to bookmark this page so that you can some back and see the proofs! I managed to shoot some several hundred photos today!

Once the proofs are posted, you may order your copies right here on-line. They’ll only be on-line for a limited time, so be sure to get your orders in right away, once they are posted!

And for anyone getting married, please remember that I do book between 12 & 24 months in advance for weddings – so now really IS the time for us to talk! Give me a call or an email and I’ll get in touch.

Grace and John – get married today!

13 10 2006

Its off to West Galway for the wedding of Grace and John! Then formal portraits, then off to Saratoga for the reception!

Be sure to return late next week when I hope to have their proofs ready! If you want to get an email when they are posted, please leave a comment for this post with your name and email address.