Kozeta and Chris’ Wedding Book – updated

20 06 2007

Kozeta and I worked together to make a number of changes to their preliminary design. We moved some photos around, changed the size of some, deleted a few and added a few and adjusted some of the backgrounds. It looks fantastic!

The new version of their Wedding Book is now posted. Take a look and be sure to leave them some comments to enjoy!

Remember that you can order individual prints from their wedding – all of the proofs are still on-line – but only for a limited time!

Kozeta and Chris’s Proofs and Album Pages are now posted!

2 06 2007

I have now posted all of the proofs. They can be found here. Follow that link to see and order individual photos from the wedding.

I have also posted the preliminary album pages to make those available for ordering as well. Each two page album spread is available as a 13″x19″ fine art print and makes a wonderful addition to your wall art as well as serving as a memory of Kozeta and Chris’s wedding day! Follow this link to see and order those album spreads.

You can order both individual prints and album pages all at the same time. Simply continue adding photos to the shopping cart until you have everything that you want.

There is a discount built in for those who order right away and the proofs will only be available for a limited time.

The system, unfortunately, does not support orders outside the US. For the “out of the country” family and friends you will need to have someone in the US place your order and have the photos delivered to them. They can then ship the photos over to you.

The preliminary album design can still be found here.

Kozeta and Chris – their preliminary album design

25 05 2007

Phew! Over a thousand proofs later and I’ve finally completed the preliminary design for Kozeta’s and Chris’s Wedding Book. Our Wedding Books are heirloom quality coffee table books – a family treasure in the making!

Here’s the cover page. You may click here or on the cover page to see the pages. In a few days I’ll be posting the proofs themselves so that everyone can order their favorites. I’ll also be making the album pages themselves available as large format fine art prints that make wonderful wall art!

their wedding book design

 Be sure to leave them a comment about the wedding or their album!


Congratulations to Kozeta and Chris!

19 05 2007

Update – 5/19/07. I’m still sorting through the photos! I captured over a thousand images so its taking a little longer than usual! I have also started putting together some of the album pages. Please be patient – sometimes its a little harder to find the best of the best images for the album!

Congratulations to Kozeta and Chris as they begin their new life together as husband and wife! I am in the process of sorting through the photos now and working on their preliminary Wedding Book design. I am hoping to have that done by the end of the week or so. I’ll be posting the design for Kozeta and Chris and all to see & enjoy!

Kozeta before her wedding...

About a week later I’ll be posting the proofs. At that time everyone can enjoy the individual photos and place their orders for prints.

Please bookmark our site and check back. If you leave me a comment below – I’ll drop you an email when the preliminary design and the proofs are posted!