Marlena & Jory – back by special request!

27 12 2008

When I delivered their wedding books to them, Marlene and Jory asked if I could re-post their photos so that family and friends could place some additional orders.

And so, back by special request are the beautiful images from their wedding day!

Congratulations again to Marlena & Jory – and thank you for having me be a part of your special day!

Marlena and Jory’s Wedding Book is Complete!

9 08 2008

We got together and went over the various changes, amde some refinements and voila – the completed book is ready for your viewing pleasure by clicking on the opening spread below!

their preliminary wedding album

Marlena & Jory’s Proofs have now been posted!

19 05 2008

I have put the proofs up here on my server.

A note about the proofs. I sorted through all of the photos that I took on the wedding day into four major categories: ceremony, formals, preparation and reception. They have not been individually adjusted for color or brightness. I do that once I get an order. I then look at each individual photo that was ordered and make adjustments as needed.

If you take the time to login, the website will let you create an album of favorites that you can email and share with friends. This can also make ordering easier as you can see all your favorites as one time and help narrow down between similar photos.

And, very importantly, I have put a substantial discount in place for those who order right away! The photos will only be posted for a short time, so be sure to browse through them and get your orders in as soon as you can.

If you have questions, please drop me an email or give me a call so that I can be of help.

Please help pass the word along that the photos are posted so that everyone gets a chance to see them. If you know anyone who is getting married later this year or next, please give me a call. I do book from 1-2 years in advance for weddings, so its important to talk to folks as soon as possible!

Enjoy the photos!

Marlena and Jory’s Wedding Book!

8 05 2008

Phew! This was tough! So many great photos to chose from! But I’m right on schedule – I normally have the preliminary design posted 2 weeks after the wedding and the proofs shortly after that. So you can look forward to seeing the proofs by next Friday!

Just click on the album preview to be taken to their album! And please come back and leave some comments! Its a great way to let Marlena & Jory know what you like the most about their album!

their preliminary wedding album

So – what are the next steps:

  • Everyone enjoys the preliminary album design!
  • I post the proofs
  • Everyone enjoys the proofs!
  • Everyone orders their favorite photos right from the website
  • Marlena, Jory and their families review the preliminary album design
  • They check out the proofs and see if I missed anyone who needs to be added to the book
  • We get together to go over any album changes!
  • Changes and made, reviewed, agreed upon or revised again – then I build their custom book!

See how easy it is! Enjoy the album everyone!

Congratulations to Marlena & Jory!

8 05 2008

Marlena & Jory

5/3/08 – Update –> I just finished my first pass at sorting through all of the proofs! After another round of sorting on Monday, I’ll start constructing the preliminary album design. Once that’s complete, I’ll be posting proofs so that you can see them all – there are several hundred! It was a fantastic day!

5/8/08 – Update –> I’m almost done with the preliminary album! I have about 54 pages at this point and just need to fill in a little of the fun at the reception!

The happy couple was married on Friday at St. Augustine’s with a reception afterward at the Italian American Center in Albany.

Yes, I have a TON of photos to sort through so it will take some time! Normally what I do is first sort through them and put together a draft of the couples wedding book album. Then a few days later I post all of the proofs so that everyone can see and order their favorites.

If you want to be notified when the album or proofs are ready, please leave a comment. It will let you enter your email address and I’ll start a list!

Otherwise, please just keep checking back here for updates!

My special thanks to Marlena & Jory, Connie & Tom, Rich & Stacy, Judy & Kem as well as Sarah, Amy and Jackie plus Kem, Justin and Jeremy. And of course – Kem & Hannah!