Terry & Roger’s photos are now online!

25 10 2015

I have finished processing the rest of the photos and have posted them to my on-line store. In the store you can view the photos and place orders for your favorites. After you log into the store you can gather your favorites into an album so that you can go back and see them. You can also send photo cards to others so that they can see your favorites. All ordering is done directly on the site! You may select from several print sizes as well as wall art sizes. There are also a number of novelty and gift items available. With the click of a button you can turn an image into a black & white photo or color them in sepia for that old time look. There is even a ‘retro’ look available on the site. I can enlarge images to better ‘zoom in’ if you leave specific instructions when you order. I’ll review all images before printing them and will adjust color and lighting.

The photos will only be available on-line until before Thanksgiving, so be sure to place your orders early to avoid the holiday rush! Click this link to get to the store: Online Store

If you know anyone in the greater Capital District who is getting married please pass along our name & phone number – 518-225-6306. We’d love to help with their wedding too!

Terry & Roger’s Wedding Photos… a teaser…

28 09 2015

Here’s a beautiful shot of the couple at the alter during their wedding.

Terry and Roger at the alter

Terry and Roger at the alter

Congratulations to Terry and Roger!

13 09 2015

On September 12, 2015 Terry and Roger joined hands in marriage at St. Sophia’s Church in Albany, NY.

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

The church is absolutely beautiful and everyone was wonderful!

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

The magnificent entrance doors.

Stay tuned as we work on their Wedding Book! After the book is published we’ll post all of the photos from the wedding and the reception in our on-line store.

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

Such beautiful iconography!

Senior Portraits – it’s that time again!

25 08 2014

Seniors! You do NOT have to go to one of those places that churn out portraits! Treat yourself instead to a custom senior portrait session! We can do your portraits indoors right in your own home or a friend’s! Why not do a BFF session? Weather permitting we can also go outside after the indoor photos or, with one of the extended session packages we can head to another location that day or even on another day!

Your senior portraits should be all about you, your likes and interests! They should be special and unique – just like you!

Call us at 518-225-6306 now to learn more about our packages and the many options and, most importantly – to schedule your senior portrait session now! We have limited openings through the end of August and on through September.

Lorraine and Dave’s Wedding book – almost done!

18 08 2014

Here’s what the opening spread looks like!

Lorraine and Dave’s Wedding Photos

17 08 2014

I’m making great progress with the wedding book design! It’s nearly complete now and it’s absolutely amazing! Every wedding is different and unique in it’s own way and my wedding books always reflect that! Such a  great day, I was honored to be a part of it.

Here’s another sneak preview!

just before the ceremony begins, Matt and Mike take a stroll!

Lorraine and Dave’s Wedding Book – continued!

10 08 2014

The book is shaping up beautifully! So many wonderful images to select from! It’s about halfway done now and moving quickly.

Here’s another image from the wedding…

Speaking with the grandchildren