Morenike and Ken – as they approach their annivesary!

15 09 2012

I photographed their wedding back in September 2007! As they approach their 5 year anniversary, Morenike asked me to re-post their photos so that she could order more from their special day! All of the original photos can be ordered again through our on-line store.

Morenike & Ken’s Final Album Design

19 01 2008

I have completed the last of changes requested by the couple and the final version of the album design is now posted!

Their final book!

Morenike & Ken – Album Update

15 01 2008

Taaa-daaaa! I have completed the album design changes that we worked on the other day.

1/15 Update – I have corrected the two page spread titled “5556-morenike sings”.

1/19 Update – This version has been removed since the final version is now posted.

Morenike & Kenny – An Update

4 01 2008

Morenike and her Mom came by to review the album design and together we figured out what changes to make to create the perfect wedding book for them! I’ll be updating the actual pages over the next several days so that we can finalize their album!

By request, I have also reposted the proofs from their wedding! Just follow this link to the photos [previously posted links will no longer work]. They will only be up until the end of January so please get your orders in as soon as possible! Please note that you can click on the thumbnails to see a much larger copy of the photos and to see the various ordering options.

Morenike and Kenny’s Wedding Proofs

17 11 2007

I have finally had a chance to finish sorting through all the remaining images and collecting them to be posted! You can now see all of the proofs here. They will only be online until the end of the year, so please get your orders in as soon as possible!! The preliminary album design can be seen here (only their final version is on-line, the drafts are no longer posted).

Although I did some simple adjustments and corrections to the proofs, all orders will have the final image adjusted for color, exposure, cropping, etc. With almost 900 images from the wedding day though, there simply isn’t enough time to do that to all of them!

Morenike & Ken’s Wedding Book is now available!

30 10 2007

Phew!! There were just so many GREAT images to work with – from the preparations at Morenike’s parents’ house to the wedding and reception at the Glen Sanders – including the release of the butterflies during the formal portraits. Just beautiful! I confess this book took me much longer than usual because of all the fantastic memories of the day! The completed preliminary design is a full 90 pages and is truly a complete storybook tale of their wedding day! With options that include parent albums in multiple sizes and our incredibly unique “pocket books” this album is an heirloom in the making!

To see the album just click the link or click on the photo below. The completed album design has replaced the partial one that I had previously displayed. Over the next two weeks I’ll sort through all the proofs and select the ones that I’ll post to my website so that everyone can order their favorites. The proofs will only be on-line for a limited time – so if you want to be sure not to miss them, just leave me a comment and I’ll drop you a note when they are ready!

Congratulations again to the new Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter!

the final book

Be sure to leave some comments to let Morenike and Ken know how much you love their album and their wedding day!

1/19/2008 Update – the links have been updated to point to their final album. Earlier drafts have been removed.

Morenike & Ken’s Wedding

17 10 2007

Wow! This is another tough one for me. Over a thousand photos to choose from! I’m part way through the preliminary design now – up to the completion of the wedding ceremony and I’m already up to page 34! Unfortunately, due to my existing bookings for Thursday through Sunday, it looks like it will take me until Monday or possibly Tuesday to complete it!

But because you’ve all been so patient, I’m going to give you a sneak preview! Here’s the first part of their book! Just click on the photo below to see what I have so far!

part way thru their book!

A week or two after that I’ll get the proofs up so that you can see and order your favorites!

Update for Morenike & Ken’s Wedding

12 10 2007

Just to let everyone know that I’ll be back in the office on 10/15 and will get back to work on their album design. As soon as I have that ready, I’ll post an announcement and a link so that you can all see the pages! I’m hoping to get that done before the following weekend!

Stay tuned!

Congratulations to Morenike & Ken

22 09 2007

Morenike and Ken celebrated their wedding today at the beautiful Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia.

Photos from their wedding will not be available until mid October so please check back. If you would like me to send an email to you when they are ready, please just leave a comment.

Here’s a shot of Morenike when she was getting ready at her Mom’s house this morning.

Morenike - getting ready

If you know of anyone getting married – please let me know! I am currently accepting bookings for all of 2008 & 2009!